Bioshock Movie on Hold

While anticipation builds for Bioshock 2: Bioshockier, one might wonder about the progress on Gore Verbinski’s (The Ring, Pirates of the BioshockerCaribbean) movie adaptation of the original Bioshock.

Wonder no more, as Variety reports that Universal Pictures has put the film on hold.

The film – gearing up to start shooting in LA – was apparently approaching a budget of $160 million, and now Universal wants to try to lower that number, perhaps by filming overseas.

Variety also reports that Verbinski has opted out of directing the fourth “Pirates of the Caribbean” film (there’s a 4th?!?) so he can focus on Bioshock. That sort of faith in the project might be a good sign. Hopefully this minor setback (and perhaps a lower budget) won’t hurt the film drastically.

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