Mini-Review: Resident Evil 5 Versus Mode

As much as I absolutely loved Resident Evil 5, I originally wasn’t going to pick up the “Versus Mode” add-on – especially considering it’s a $5 purchase for a 1-2MB download – but Capcom sent me a review code for it, so I decided to check it out.

You, however, should not.

Versus Mode basically takes the gameplay of RE5, an environment similar to the game’s “Mercenaries” mode, and creates a competitive game for 4 players.

The results aren’t very good.

For one thing, the matchmaking system is horrid. Rather than having the option of simply dropping you into an available match – a la games like Halo 3 – you are forced to sort through a list of lobbies. This would be fine, except that by the time you try to join most lobbies, the game is either full or myseteriously unavailable.

Maybe it’d be possible to get past this… If the game didn’t drop you back to the main Versus menu and force you to start the whole process over each time.

Thus, joining a game at all can be an excercise in frustration.

versus_014_bmp_jpgcopyWhen you do get into a game, the gravitas of everyone’s complaints about the controls fully come into play. You can’t run and shoot at the same time, which isn’t too bad for the single player game (this is, after all, Resident Evil) or even Mercenaries mode… But when you’re trying to play a deathmatch-style game against human opponents, the cumbersome controls are nothing more than annoying.

Similarly, while on-the-fly inventory management wasn’t a huge deal in the main RE5 campaign, trying to drop an empty weapon to make room for a new one takes far too long when under fire from opponents.

Resident Evil 5 is a fantastic single-player experience as well as an outstanding co-op game… But this competitive multiplayer DLC – which, again, is not even free – is not worth your time or money.

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