Portable NES + Light Gun = Awesome


There’s no shortage of handheld devices that can play emulated (and therefore almost always illegal, but hey) games from old systems, but more rare are the systems that can play the original games that you have stashed away in your parents’ attic.

But the FC Mobile 2 is different. For about $60, you can now play your old Nintendo Entertainment System games on a system that’s far smaller than the games themselves (oh, technology…) This successor to the original FC Mobile (what, you didn’t have one?) adds the ability to hook the system up to your TV just like a real NES, and thus comes with wireless controllers and a wireless Zapper.

Some may say that’s better than the real system. Especially if your NES no longer likes playing Bionic Commando and freaks out when you try to play Contra with a friend.

What do you guys think? Assuming this is a quality product, is it something you’d actually consider lugging around with you in order to play Zelda II on the go? Or would you rather just jailbreak your iPhone to serve the same purpose?


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