Uncharted 2 Multiplayer Previews

Uncharted 2 Multiplayer beta with inFamous purchase

Image courtesy of Kotaku

Merely a rumor perpetuated by the token camera phone picture less than a week ago, the existence of Uncharted 2: Among Thieves‘ multiplayer component has been decidedly confirmed. Just today, the one of many embargoes from Sony’s PlayStation Gamers’ Day has been lifted and just as good as a press release, dozens of previews of the co-op and competitive multiplayer modes have erupted onto the Internet.

Pretty much any major video game news outlet will have a preview, including Kotaku, Destructoid, GameSpot, 1UP, Shacknews, and plenty more. At Naughty Dog’s portion of Gamers’ Day, the slow reveal of the “electrifying announcement” blew the attendees’ collective mind in kind. Well, as gradient as an <omg>UNCHARTEDMULTIPLAYER</omg> reaction can get, but you get the picture.

Her name is Chloe.

Her name is Chloe.

Those in attendance were treated to hands-on time with Uncharted 2‘s co-op, deathmatch, and Plunder modes. Co-op allows three players to team up against a seemingly torrential onslaught of mercs that ostensibly never ends. In the vein of recent co-op games, dying is rarely truly dying (by way of an Resident Evil 5-esque team revival system) and double-teaming elements in the map becomes a necessity for advancing through the story, though the story, unfortunately, is an alternate one from the single-player campaign.

Deathmatch is a 5 on 5 affair and repeatedly stated as a “standard” deathmatch experience (whereas the co-op landed more on the “brutal” side of things). Plunder, despite the name, is also an almost straightforward capture the flag event, though instead of a flag, you have a gold idol that slows down the carrier and inhibits his or her gun usage, which stresses teamwork.

These multiplayer modes also highlight a Call of Duty 4-inspired “perks” feature that allows you to buy bonuses such as enhanced accuracy or air strikes. Supposedly, this will span through both the single and multiplayer experiences, but has yet to be detailed.

Heros vs. Villains

Heroes vs. Villains

Read those first hand accounts for more opinionated writeups of what the multiplayer was like. Personally, I loved the first Uncharted and when Among Thieves was teased, I nearly lost all remnants of sanity in lieu of my overflowing geek-citement. Adding multiplayer to the series can only lead to good things. Your thoughts?

Look to access the Uncharted 2: Among Thieves multiplayer beta with your inFamous purchase and be sure to watch the latest debut, beta announcement, and design interview trailers.

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