Dead Rising 2 Trailer Full of Badassery

Nowadays, deadlines and embargoes have become less of a strict doctrine of the concrete nature and more of a hope that somebody doesn’t pull the trigger early. Lucky for us, InsideGamer let the river flow about half a day early and dropped some Dead Rising 2 knowledge on us. Watch and reap the rewards below:

Though the beginning starts off a bit like a Resident Evil movie trailer, things quickly pick up in the oddball Dead Rising sort of way and you realize one thing: that Chuck Greene fellow is a straight-up badass. Only a real man like Chuck “Death Dealer” Greene (unofficial nickname) has the tenacity to punch zombies in the face and not apologize for it.

Besides fist-to-zombie action, you get a decent glimpse at the new Vegas-themed goodies available for new and old Dead Rising fans alike. Charging at zombie hordes with a moose head, duel-wielding chainsaws like you’re Darth Maul, and fashionable mixed drinks are all in there, even an almost certainly Bruce Campbell-inspired scene involving a motorcycle, duct tape, and even more chainsaws makes an appearance. Hopefully this means you can homebrew your own weapons in the game, though probably only to a very limited degree.

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