Leaked DNF goodies

As you’ve undoubtedly heard about, 3D Realms has officially closed its doors after more than 20 years of good ol’ Texas game development. To help those of you who can’t put two and two together, this means Duke Nukem Forever will never truly see the light of day as they had envisioned. However, thanks to possibly bitter employees that deemed it necessary for the masses to at least get a taste of what they would never get, leaks have emerged across the Interwebs.

Part of the EDF base

Part of the EDF base

Thanks to 3DR’s former art director Tramell Isaac, we can now glimpse some DNF levels, presumably of the EDF base and the Hoover Dam. And with the help of concept artist Layne Johnson, we get to see some enemy and weapons concept images.

Octaking concept art

Octaking concept art

And finally, just last night, Bryan Brewer helped leak some footage onto the Duke4.net forums. Needless to say, this is not suitable for the tykes (a sentiment applicable to this whole post), nor is this guaranteed to stay up. Many mirrors and links have already been shut down.

This footage actually got me wanting to play DNF, believe it or not. When Duke gave the finger to that huge alien, I knew we’d lost something beautiful. Anyways, the Apogee Software Twitter teased some news “regarding Duke Nukem coming next week.” Intrigued? You should be.

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