Tony Hawk: Ride + peripheral

thrideIt was only a matter of time before skateboard games took this sort of turn. Through the latest episode of GameTrailers TV, the official reveal for Tony Hawk: Ride has been made and it doesn’t disappoint. You should know, though, that when I say “doesn’t disappoint,” I really mean that it lived up to the giant honking peripheral rumors and not that I couldn’t wait to get my hands on another Tony Hawk game.

I guess this means we’re halfway there (whoa-oh, livin’ on a—err…) to actually skating around in the real world, trying to pull off Super McVarial 900’s over hot dog stands for extra points. But seriously, look at that thing! Are we expected to ollie in place and perform kickflips in our breakables-filled living rooms?

Honestly, this will either sell like diamond hotcakes with a side of unicorn happiness or result in millions upon millions of broken bones and shattered TVs. Personally, I’m hoping for a little mix of both.

Tony Hawk: Ride will release for Wii, PS3, and Xbox 360 at, um, some point? Expect more news and sweaty game journalists when E3 comes around.

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