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X-Men Origins: Wolverine Review

Hey bub

If I had to sum up X-Men Origins: Wolverine in one word, I’d choose a Nathan Explosion favorite and reduce the entire 8-10 hour jungle/industrial odyssey to this: brutal. Not just that, but I would say it’s f-ing brutal. In some sort of misplaced rage for modern technology, one sequence involves Logan boarding a helicopter mid-flight and hoisting the pilot headfirst into the rotor blades. Unfortunately, you don’t get to “wreck shop” with the whirlybird; instead, Wolverine is just such a hardass that he doesn’t want anyone else to have the chopper. If you don’t play the full game, you should still download the demo and experience this fleshy debauchery at least once, if not more.

X-Men Origins: WolverineQuite frankly, I really enjoyed this sort of experience. Call me a sadist, but the more brutal a hack ‘n slash game is, the more fun it is. Somehow this correlation has eluded quite a few game developers despite the clear success of the God of War franchise. GoW has you ripping off Medusa’s head and stabbing cyclopses right in their singular peeper while Wolverine has you literally tearing soldiers in half and both games are undeniably fun. Do you see the correspondence between the two factors yet? This is what I largely hold to be the problem with the Wolverine movie, as sometimes you just need to forgo the extra sales and take it up to the R rating to do a truly brutal character or story justice. I mean, the man is pure walking death, how can you properly represent that fact in a PG-13 movie? Anyways, back to the game.

What I’m trying to say is this game makes you feel like Wolverine / Logan / Weapon X / James Howlett. You slice and dice everything in sight and you are clearly rewarded for it. You don’t get extra points or some sort of super slick vehicle by killing your enemies in a progressively more violent fashion, but you are rewarded with the feeling of being the ultimate badass. The character’s jubilation in tearing his foes new holes to breathe from is directly transferred to you in this game, and I say that’s a good thing. Well done, Raven, well done.

However, there are moments you just feel like you are being punished in this game. Despite having an entire stick dedicated to the action, the game still takes control of the camera at some points. What the hell for? Did the level designers not design the other half of this room or something? It just doesn’t make sense to put limitations on a control scheme that don’t belong there, or, worse yet, are misplaced. When I say “misplaced,” though, I really do mean “severely broken.” It’s a regular occurrence for the camera to go into Logan’s head and just stay there, letting you soak in the essence of what an inverted face might look like and provide a whole new set of issues for your psychiatrist.

Expect this. A lot.

Speaking of issues, how about them boss battles? I’ll tell you about them; they blow. Hard. Though fighting the endless waves of regular and spicy grunts is actually entertaining, fighting bosses get monotonous after roughly 10 seconds. The first time a magma thing pops out, you’ll probably think “aww yeah, it’s on!” Mere moments later, however, you’ll discover it is indeed not “on.” On the contrary, you’ll only find pleasure here if you like mindless repetition: dodge, lunge, slice, dodge, lunge slice, dodge, lunge, sli—you get the idea.

In what should have easily been the most exciting and totally epic moment of the game when you are brought face-to-face with a Sentinel, you are in reality brought face-to-foot; all you get to do is attack the thing’s feet until it flies away with you attached and then you get to dodge debris until all the brutality is done for you when you land. Lame. Disgustingly lame. Shame on you, Raven, shame on you.

Also, possible spoiler, but when you fight Deadpool on top of the factory, don’t jump. Ever.


X-Men Origins: WolverineThe reason I’m being so incredibly hard on these few points is because the rest of the game is so much fun. Though the game may be a bit on the easy side (I never once was concerned about dying, just how can I ruin the next guy’s day with these freakin’ sweet claws of mine), there’s so much good going for it. Like how the Spider-Man 2 video game made you feel like Spidey flinging around everywhere, this game makes you feel like Wolverine, using your claws to do everything—besides open doors, evidently—from pulling crates to cutting off legs. The unlockable costumes inexplicably make the game worth a second playthrough and the mutagens and leveling-up mechanic make me feel like I actually have some control over what sort of killer I want my Wolverine to be.

The game also gets one thing absolutely right that needs to carried over to every other game from here on out: stat tracking. Just like how Steam will track your quantifiable achievements, this game will also tell you how many enemies left you have to dismember or set on fire. Knowing I only have 200 more enemies to kill to get my trophy actually makes me want to play more, as opposed to feeling like I might have 200-300 more so that I might hit 2000 kills, which kind of just makes me want to quit forever.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine

All in all, I’d say I really enjoyed X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Even with the extra development time garnered from the film’s delay, though, there are still bugs, gameplay issues, slowdowns, and quirks, like how streaming textures sometimes load, disappear, and never come back. And in spite of how the (cheesy and poorly woven) story jumps back and forth between different time periods, your stats still steadily progress. However, I feel like it is more than okay to overlook these issues and still find some time to invest in the game. I haven’t had such hack ‘n slash fun since God of War II and maybe if Raven had just a few more months of development, this game might have reached that level of polish and pure epicness, but instead, it’s just a good promise of might have been and what (hopefully) will be.

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New Last Guardian Media

Though I think Penny Arcade has it right, I still can’t wait for The Last Guardian. Team ICO has sucked so many hours—nay, accumulated days of my life away from the real world and into their disturbing yet beautiful world that no matter what happens with their so-called “Project Trico,” I will play it and I will love it. If you didn’t cry during Shadow of the Colossus, then, well, up yours.

Despite my obvious bias towards the game, I still have to say that these screenshots are just stupefyingly gorgeous. Whatever that gryphon/bird/cat/new best friend actually is, it looks amazing and I want to play with it more than Up‘s Kevin or Dug, which is saying a lot. Anyway, get a load of these newly released shots and, if need be, watch the E3 trailer as many times as necessary to quell your thirst for The Last Guardian.

Also, look forward to an extremely late review of X-Men Origins: Wolverine. That’s what you get when you trust the TTU campus mail system to get things done.

After realizing how incredibly huge these screenshots are and how incredibly small our available bandwidth and space for such superfluous media is, I’m just gonna link you to a Flickr set that has all 12 of the delectable high-res images.

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E3 ’09: Sony

Jack Tretton said “2008 is the year of the PlayStation 3.”

To be honest, it wasn’t. Sure, we had Metal Gear Solid 4 and LittleBigPlanet, but neither were the top sellers they probably should have been. And with Final Fantasy XIII and the next title in the Metal Gear franchise, “Metal Gear Solid: Rising” both coming to the Xbox 360, what’s Sony’s move?

It’s rumored that a new PSP model was going to be one of their biggest announcements, but the internet got the best of them, and the PSP Go! is known almost in its entirety already, and has been for the past week.

Sony started off their year with the bang that was Killzone 2. Down the pipe we know they have the likes of God of War 3 and Uncharted 2. But will it be enough? Does the former gaming juggernaut have any earthshattering surprises up their sleeves? Will they try to jump onto the motion control bandwagon like Microsoft has with Project Natal?

It’s time to find out.

12:50 – Waiting for the Sony conference, something has occured to me. I’ve been told more than once that I look vaguely like G4’s Adam Sessler. The thought terrifies me. What do you think?

1:12 – We’re starting at last. Montage of some upcoming games. Uncharted 2, Ratchet and Clank, God of War 3, LittleBigPlanet, Heavy Rain… Some pretty big games on their way. Video is set to the musical stylings of Queen.

1:14 – Jack Tretton is on-stage, thanking God that the press showed up. Joking about press leaks and how he was worried there’d be no reason to come (referencing the afforementioned PSP Go! stuff), much to the pleasure of those in attendence. Classy.

1:17 – Claims that Sony is the only company with 3 successful systems on-sale at once, referring to the PS2, PS3 and PSP. Thing is, I think Nintendo did the same thing for at least a short while with Wii, DS and GameBoy Advance.

1:18 – Talking about the PlayStation 2. How long is it going to take until Sony finally stops talking about it? Oh, right. This is PS2 year 9, and they’re going for the whole 10-year life cycle thing.

1:19 – Over 100 new titles for the PS2 this year? Crazy.

1:20 – Talking numbers. Standard affair, but it reminds me why Microsoft’s conference was so great. It didn’t have any of this stuff. Jack is currently talking about how great inFamous is, which, sure. It’s pretty rad.

1:22 – Someone from Naughty Dog is out to talk about Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. Multiplayer beta starts tonight at midnight. Going to show single-player here, now.

1:23 – The crowd is cheering as Nathan Drake scales a building. Game looks impressive graphically and seems to have some nice dialogue during gameplay. Oh look, a nice helicopter…

1:24 – Action has camped up. Gunplay is being shown. Looks standard but well done, and mixed with all this Lara Croft-like acrobatics could make for some cool situations.

1:26 – Game looks intense and pretty cinematic. Keep an eye on this one, PS3 owners.

1:27 – We’re finally going to see gameplay of MAG – Massive Action Game. 256 players simultaneously fighting a battle.

1:28 – They’ve got 256 actual players about to play this demo. Impressive.

1:29 – Looks like a pretty involved multiplayer FPS, with every player assigned to a squad (across two large teams), and a squad leader capable of giving commands to his squad. Seems to be objective-based gameplay.

1:31 – XP system a la Call of Duty 4 confirmed. Dude just got +5 EXP for killing another dude.

1:32 – Spawn points, a la Battlefield, have to be secured for attacking players to push forward toward their goal. Players (or at least squad commanders) can call airstrikes. Seems to take a lot of tactical strategy. Hopefully that won’t be an issue with so many idiots playing online. MAG will be playable on the show floor, and should be out this fall.

1:33 – Time to move to the PSP.

1:35 – The crowd is actually cheering at a pink PSP Hannah Montana bundle. They’re either jokesters or paid. Or both.

1:36 – Kaz Hirai is making his way to the stage.

1:37 – He pulled a PSP Go out of his pocket. Says it has a couple of names, the first being “Worst kept secret of E3.” Glad to see they’re light about the subject and acknowledging it.

1:38 – PSP Go has no UMD drive, and all of its games and software are download-only, somewhat like the iPhone. 50% smaller than the regular PSP. Controls slide out, like a Sidekick Slide cellphone.

1:39 – Media Go announced, which replaces the Media Manager of before. It’s a PC application that is used to transfer media to your PSP.

1:40 – Now he’s talking about some weird sounding program called “Sense Me” that analyses your music library and chooses songs for you based on the mood you select… Or something. He glossed over it really fast. Comic in Fall.

1:42 – PSP Go will be $249.99. PSP 3000 will still be $169.99. Anyone sold on Go? I’m not, personally.

1:44 – The father of Grand Turismo is coming onto the stage.

1:45 – Grand Turismo PSP announced at long last. He has it running on a PSP Go right now. The device does indeed look small, which could be nice. Says that even though the device is small, the game is a full-scale Grand Turismo experience.

1:46 – The translator seems to be reading notes the whole time, which is kind of weird.

1:47 – Tons of cars (800+) and tracks, plus content sharing. You can trade cars with friends in an attempt to “catch them all.”

1:50 – Playing a trailer of the game now. It looks like a Grand Turismo game. SURPRISE! Apparently it’s coming October 1, 2009.

1:51 – Something Metal Gear is coming. Hideo Kojima is showing up. I wonder if it feels like coming home to your family after announcing that you’re sleeping with their enemy.

1:52 – He’s not here to talk about Metal Gear Solid: Rising, though. He’s talking about a PSP game called Metal Gear Solid: Peacewalker. Set 10 years after MGS3. We had heard a bit about this yesterday, so not a huge shock, but still nice.

1:53 – Kojima is writing and producing. Says it’s a true MGS sequel, not a spin-off or sidestory. So much for MGS4 being Kojima’s last Metal Gear game!

1:55 – Here’s a trailer. Kicks off with some live-action stock footage and some voice-over. Looks like the continuing adventures of Big Boss in the lead-up to Outer Heaven.

1:56 – Graphics look really sharp for a portable title. Lot’s of sneaking, so hey, it’s a Metal Gear game.

1:57 – There’s… 4 Snakes/Big Bosses/Clones on screen right now. Say what? They’re facing a Metal Gear, looks like. And the trailer ends with the infamous cardboard box antics. Coming in 2010. My interest is piqued.

2:00 – Jack is back on stage talking about… Resident Evil on PSP? Brand new, exclusive game sounds like, but… That’s all we got.

2:00 – Hannah Montana was name dropped again, and the crowd cheered again.

2:02 – Montage of upcoming PSP titles. Final Fantasy Dissidia, Monster Hunter, LittleBigPlanet, Soul Calibur and others are in the lineup.

2:05 – Time to talk PlayStation Newtork games.

2:06 – Adding over 50 PS1 classics to the service this year, starting today with Final Fantasy VII. Fanboys everywhere can rejoice.

2:07 – Talking about PlayStation Home and where it’s come since launch 6 months ago. As one of the millions that was pretty disappointed by Home, I’m not sure many in attendence care too much.

2:10 – PS3 video now. There’s Uncharted 2 again. inFamous, Madden, Final Fantasy XIII… The usual suspects. Batman: Arkham Assylum, White Knight Story and Ninja Gaiden and there too, with many more. Seems to be a solid lineup.

2:15 – Got to say, this is a long montage with tons and tons of games being shown. Not all of them are exclusive, by any means, but PS3 owners should be happy with what’s available.

2:16 – Announcing Agent, a Rockstar game that’s exclusive to the PS3. Nice move, Sony. That could be a smart move after the blunder of losing GTA.

2:17 – Ubisoft folks are on-stage to show Assassin’s Creed II. Wasn’t Ubisoft’s press conference yesterday?

2:18 – Now, I was a big fan of the original Assassin’s Creed, so I may be biased, but this sequel looks fantastic. I’m liking the new setting a lot.

2:18 – Leonardo DaVinci is one of Ezio’s “friends” that helps him become an assassin. He sounds like Bond’s “M”, providing Ezio with gadgets and weapons.

2:20 – Ezio is deadlier than Altair, the hero in the first game. And he looks it. The crowd seems impressed with deal-blade assassination.

2:21 – Italian dude was just OWNED. Assassination complete. Time to get the hell out of dodge.

2:22 – The crowd cheers as the demo ends. I’m impressed. The game launches this holiday season, along with an original PSP Assassin’s Creed title.

2:24 – A video is playing of Final Fantasy XIII. I’m a big Final Fantasy fan, but I’m kind of sick of seeing this one and just want to play it already. Still, I like the English voices being displayed here.

2:27 – Dude, WHAT? Jack just announce Final Fantasy 14?!?!?!? 13 isn’t even out yet!!!! Bir us XIII Versus. He also makes sure to say that the PS3 will be the only console it will be available on.

2:28 – Wait… This trailer is reminding me of Final Fantasy XI. The online game.

2:29 – AHA! Called it. Final Fantasy XIV: Online. Extremely less excited now. Unexcited to the point that I barely care. Interesting that it’s PS3-only, though.

2:30 – Now Sony is showing off a new motion controller. Everyone is jumping on the Wii train!

2:31 – Ok, I’ve just gotta say it… This motion controller – in its current form, which they stress will change – looks like a dildo.

2:32 – Looks like it interacts with the PlayStation Eye in order to replace the dildo device with a racket, golf club, stop sign… Maybe even a real dildo?

2:32 – Dude running the demo just said, “It’s still hard.” That’s way funnier to me than it should be.

2:34 – The technology looks cool, I’ve gotta say, but what’s gonna happen in the new war between the Wiimote, this thing, and Natal?

2:36 – “Sub-millimeter accuracy.” Accurate enough to write and draw with the little wand-dildo.

2:37 – Looks way too similar to the Wii Remote for me to be super stoked, but it does look like better technology than the Wii uses. I may have to write up my thoughts on all this motion stuff in a seperate blog.

2:39 – Fighting monsters with swords and throwing stars. Looks fun enough. Oh, bows too. It’s an archery kinda day between this and Wii Sports Resort. This one may be impressing me more.

2:41 – “PlayStation Motion Controller” coming Spring 2010. I wonder if Nintendo will launch a new Wii next year, too, to combat this and Natal.

2:42 – Talking LittleBigPlanet costumes. Disney themed. Awwww, cute little Jack Sparrow Sackboy!

2:43 – Just announced ModNation Racers. Another “Play. Create. Share.” title like LittleBigPlanet. I’m guessing you can design tracks and whatnot.

2:44 – Yeah, the character creation looks similar to LittleBigPlanet, though it’s a slightly different style. You can also customize cars, looks like.

2:46 – Real-time physics, drifting… Looks like a standard kart racer. Looks nice graphically, though, and customization could be a big draw I suppose. It’ll have to top the creation tools of TrackMania, though.

2:47 – Tracks are rendered and playable in seconds, so that’s kind of cool. The creation stuff does indeed look pretty easy and cool. You can add mountains!

2:49 – A friend just mentioned that this is basically Mario Kart meets LittleBigPlanet, and that’s pretty darn accurate. So if that sounds awesome to you, then maybe you should be excited.

2:51 – Jack is back.

2:53 – Third title in the “Ico” trilogy is known as “The Last Guardian.” Looks like the “Project Trico” footage that actually leaked awhile back, but that’s not exactly a bad thing. A lot of people have been anxiously awaiting this team’s newest title.

2:54 – For those not in the know, this game is from the people who made “Ico” and “Shadow of the Colossous” for the PS2. Very artsy (and good) games. This new game follows in the same vein in a lot of ways, with a weird furry/feathery creature and a small boy.

2:56 – Yeah, aside from the title “The Last Guardian” and maybe some touchups and new footage, this is the exact same trailer that leaked before. Oh well, it looks outstanding and very stylized in HD.

2:57 – Short tease of Grand Turismo 5 for the PS3 now. Seems like some people have been waiting for this one forever, but realistic car racing isn’t really my thing.

2:59 – GT5 looks good graphically, if this stuff is in-engine. But that’s all I can really say.

3:00 – Time for God of War 3!

3:02 – This totally looks like a God of War game, which, hey, is a good thing. They say it’s the last part of a trilogy. Really, now?

3:02 – Harpy riding!

3:03 – Did Kratos just sprout wings for a second? Other than that, it looks like pretty standard GoW gameplay. Looks very, very epic, though, and gorgeous graphically. Should easily please fans of the series.

3:05 – Confirmed: Quick-time events are back. They look better, though.

3:06 – Those interested in God of War should definitely track down a video of this gameplay demonstration when all this is done. I can’t really describe it. But it’s brutal in all the right ways.

3:07 – Coming out March 2010.

3:08 – That’s a wrap.

Pretty impressive, I’ve gotta say. Sony didn’t let leaks or Microsoft’s guns get to them. The conference went really well. We’ll have more in terms of coverage and comparisons later.

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E3 ’09: Nintendo

(I will do a Microsoft write-up later today, but Nintendo and Sony’s conferences are up right now)

Starting today, E3 is in full swing. Microsoft got the ball rolling with an all-around impressive showing at yesterday’s conference, with two Halo titles, Metal Gear: Rising, Splinter Cell: Conviction, Alan Wake, and a little boy named Milo.

Nintendo disappointed millions with last year’s E3 press conference. Can they possibly win some hearts and minds back this year? I’ll be blogging the conference as it happens. And it apparently happens now.

11:05 – Video montage showing off how everybody loves the Wii and DS. Standard proceedure, but nothing new.

11:06 – Oh joy, Cammie Dunnaway is back! Here to bring you smiles and talk about being a mom!

11:07 – Gaming is bigger than music and the box office combined. Nintendo is taking credit. Maybe they should.

11:08 – Talking “suprises” and a video game icon. Rumored new Mario game is probably about to be shown. Yep! Mario video montage showing his history.

11:10 – A Treehouse employee is out to show off “New Super Mario Bros.” for the Wii. Opening with something like this – opposed to Shaun White – is a smart move.

11:14 – 4-player side scrolling Mario. Cammie died immediately. Not exactly mind blowing, but looks fun, and fans have been wanting another “New Super Mario Bros.” title. I’d buy it, as long as the single player is new and not just the old DS game. Propeller suits!

11:15 – Cammie came in last on the final results screen. Game is out Holiday 2009. Again, good to open with Mario, and we’re doing better than last year so far. Not exactly an explosion of excitement here, though. Balance board is being talked about now.

11:16 – Wii Fit Plus announced, suprising no one. This has already been written about.

11:18 – If you were into Wii Fit, you’ll probably be way into Wii Fit Plus. Yay? Another video montage of already released games now.

11:19 – Whooooo Reggie Fis-Aime! PLEASE kick some ass and take some names.

11:20 – Talking Wii Motion Plus. Hopefully some great games will be announced/shown that use it. Montage time!

11:23 – Video seems to mostly be showing actors faking stuff, but apparently the activities are all in Wii Sports Resort. Basketball, archery, fencing, jet skiing, etc. Bill is coming back out to play it on-stage.

11:25 – Wii Sports Resort starts with skydiving. That’s cool I guess. Fun way to “get” to the fabled resort. But he’s basically just tilted the remote. Nothing technically impressive.

11:27 – Archery is up next. Now, I’ve been doing some of this in real life lately, so I’m skeptical here.

11:29 – Hmm. Looks cool enough. Definitely “gamey” but in a fun looking way.

11:30 – Reggie is back out to exchange “witty” banter with Bill, and it’s more painful than anything. They’re going to play some basketball in Wii Sports Resort.

11:30 – “That’s how short you are now!” Oh-HO! The bad insults just keep coming!

11:31 – This is a game that we’re really going to have to get our hands on to judge accurately. Looks like it could be another fun multiplayer game for all ages. Launches July 26th.

11:33 – Talking about EA Sports games – Tiger Woods and Tennis – as well as Sega’s Tennis game that will support Wii Motion Plus… Before Wii Sports Resort even comes out.

11:34 – UbiSoft’s Red Steel 2 got namedropped as something that could only be played with Wii Motion Plus. Are they not going to show it off?

11:35 – OK, here we go. RPG titles. Finally showing off an exclusive Final Fantasy title for the Wii, The Crystal Bearers. This was announced last year, but this trailer looks great.

11:35 – Also showing off Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days for the DS. Known quanitity at this point, but I’m a big fan of the Kingdom Hearts franchise, so I’ll still get excited.

11:37 – Mario & Luigi: Bowsers Inside Story for the DS is being shown now. These are all trailers, by the way, and rather short ones at that. But hey, if you liked Mario & Luigi before, this looks like more of the same. It’s already out in Japan, and is coming to North America and Europe this fall.

11:38 – SWEET! Golden Sun announced for the DS. Fans have been clamoring for this one for awhile, myself included. The Golden Sun games on the GameBoy Advance were pretty great RPGs.

11:40 – Game based on Jame’s Patterson’s “Women’s Murder Club” books. Coming for DS. Looks like a game my sister and girlfriend might enjoy, as they’re big fans of those Nancy Drew games on the PC.

11:41 – Trailer for UbiSoft’s “Cop: New Recruit” now. Supposedly more for hardcore gamers. Hey, it kinda looks alright. Looks like fast-paced 3rd person driving combined with 3rd person shooting. Maybe it’ll control well.

11:42 – Oh joy, “Style Savvy” is being shown now. I’ve always wanted to be a fashion designer on my Nintendo DS!

11:45 – Nintendo DSi montage talking to fans of the system. *yawn*

11:46 – DSi has sold 1 million units to date, and people are still buying the DS Lite. Surprise!

11:47 – Flipnote Studio, formerly Moving Memo, is coming this Summer. It’s kind of an animation program for the DSi.

11:48 – New Mario vs. Donkey Kong title? Yeah, “Minis March Again.” That’s fine I guess. I enjoyed the first one. Good puzzle game. DSi only game that’s downloadable. Wow, coming June 8th. That’s soon!

11:49 – WarioWare: DYI. “As in, ‘Do it yourself’!” Haha, clever, Nintendo, clever! You can make your own WarioWare games and share them with other DSi users. That could be cool.

11:50 – Huh, the DSi camera is going to add a FaceBook photo uploader. Upload pictures you take and edit straight to your profile. Interesting. FaceBook is sure getting a lot of attention this E3!

11:52 – The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks will be on the showfloor. So much for the dream of Shigeru Miyamoto waltzing out in a conductor’s outfit!

11:53 – President Satoru Iwata is on-stage now. As much as I love him, he’d better announce some cool stuff rather than just roll in all the money he’s made.

11:55 – Iwata says that the industry is losing the attention of the “Maybe” gamers. Nintendo, hate to say it, but you’re also losing the hardcore gamers.

11:57 – Everyone needs to take a note from Microsoft. They said, “Hey, check it! GAMES!” and had the crowd’s attention the whole time.  This is just boring.

11:59 – Nintendo might announce a new IP here, but it sounds like a casual thing.

11:59 – Yep, “Wii Vitality Sensor.”  It’s one of those little pulse measuring devices that you might see at a hospital or doctor’s office. What. The. Heck?!?

12:00 – “See the information relating to the inner world of your body.” “Maybe everyone can use this as a way to relax with a video game.” I’m sorry, but… No. This doesn’t sound relaxing and nor does it sound like a “video game.” Crowd seemed silent. Device looked stupid.

12:02 – Cammie is back saying that they’ve gotta deliver some more Mario news. Thank God. But will it be enough?

12:03 – Looks like another Mario Galaxy Title. Not exactly innovative or mind-blowing, but good news regardless. The original Mario Galaxy was outstanding, and sure, I’d play more of that.

12:05 – Yeah, Galaxy 2 (if that’s what it’s called) looks really cool. I’ll play it for sure. Yoshi!

12:05 – Super Mario Galaxy 2 is official. FINALLY the crowd cheers at something.

12:05 – Reggie is out again saying, “Hey, I read the blogs too.” Good, since that’s your JOB, Reggie. Now appease the masses! And it sounds like he might. Talking about 3rd Party games that are more hardcore and exclusive to Wii.

12:06 – Trailer for “The Conduit”, published by Sega. We know a ton about this already, but it still looks great. Coming this month. Glad to see Nintendo acknowledge it themselves.

12:08 – Now a trailer for Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles, another “lightgun” game, but it looks cool enough. Yay for Claire Redfield! But we knew about this one, too. I was hoping for new announcements.

12:09 – Dead Space: Extraction now. Yet another lightgun game, but this one grabbed my attention. Dead Space was a great blend of gameplay, story and horror. This exclusive prequel could be really interesting.

12:10 – “Could a new edgier game be coming from us?” Yes, Reggie/Nintendo, it could. Plus show us how.

12:10 – Holy crap, Team Ninja logo.

12:11 – Team Ninja and Nintendo combine for… Holy crap, a Metroid game! Looks like an action-packed, Ninja Gaiden style experience. And was that Samus’ voice? Yes, it is. They finally gave her a voice actor. Is that really “edgy”, though? Still, Metroid!

12:12 – Metroid: Other M coming 2010. Crowd is cheering for that one, and I am too. THAT’S what this entire conference needed to be like. The game looks really good.

12:14 – And that’s a wrap.

All in all, better than last year, but… That’s not saying a lot.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 and Metroid: Other M were definitely the highlights, though I’d put Golden Sun DS up there as well. Lots of stuff that was shown will appease the casual gamer that dominates the Wii market these days, so that’s good for the Nintendo bank account.

Still no new Wii Zelda, no Kid Icarus, no Pilot Wings Wii… Oh well. I’m excited to see this new Metroid.

I’ll be back later blogging the Sony event. Stay tuned!

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