New Last Guardian Media

Though I think Penny Arcade has it right, I still can’t wait for The Last Guardian. Team ICO has sucked so many hours—nay, accumulated days of my life away from the real world and into their disturbing yet beautiful world that no matter what happens with their so-called “Project Trico,” I will play it and I will love it. If you didn’t cry during Shadow of the Colossus, then, well, up yours.

Despite my obvious bias towards the game, I still have to say that these screenshots are just stupefyingly gorgeous. Whatever that gryphon/bird/cat/new best friend actually is, it looks amazing and I want to play with it more than Up‘s Kevin or Dug, which is saying a lot. Anyway, get a load of these newly released shots and, if need be, watch the E3 trailer as many times as necessary to quell your thirst for The Last Guardian.

Also, look forward to an extremely late review of X-Men Origins: Wolverine. That’s what you get when you trust the TTU campus mail system to get things done.

After realizing how incredibly huge these screenshots are and how incredibly small our available bandwidth and space for such superfluous media is, I’m just gonna link you to a Flickr set that has all 12 of the delectable high-res images.

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