Concept Art Roundup: Beyond: Two Souls, Splinter Cell: Blacklist, Rainbow 6: Patriots, And More

Concept Art Roundup: Beyond: Two Souls, Splinter Cell: Blacklist, Rainbow 6: Patriots, and More

All right, so maybe this Concept Art Roundup thing isn’t going to be as regular as I’d hoped, but after the Weekend Play thing petered out, what did you expect? Well, maybe I should bring that back, too. What if I just did a Daily Grace-style thing where every day is a set theme? Would anyone prefer that to me just rambling almost every single day on something nobody really wants to read about? Talk to me!

Anyways, back to the matter at hand. This collection of concept art is particularly exciting because there are some unreleased games in here. I had a whole slew of Gears of War 3 and Guild Wars 2 pieces all picked out for today, but then I stumbled across these little gems. There’s not much there—just a couple of concepts and promo things—but it’s still pretty neat considering this may fuel whatever imagination engine you have running your head about these games.

There are some old games in there, too, because the art was just too good to ignore. Also, I had to flesh this one out a bit, but it really is because these concept artists are so damn talented. If I could, I would dump everything at once and just let your eyes glaze over like little Krispy Kreme doughnuts.

In fact, let’s start with a previously released game in Halo 4. This comes from a fellow named Nicolas Bouvier, though he seems to much rather go by his Internet pseudonym Sparth. He currently works at 343 Industries and was actually the lead concept artist for the game. He previously worked on Rage by Id Software, Assassin’s Creed, Prince of Persia: Warrior Within, and Alone in the Dark 4, all of which I consider fantastic games with fantastic art. I wonder if Bouvier has anything to do with it…

This next bit is going to be a tad more low profile. All right, a lot more low profile. How many of you have heard of Asura Online? I see like one hand up, and that’s okay. I only know it by name and almost nothing else, but an MMO fiend friend of mine gave me the highlights: it’s an action RPG MMO set in a craggly-looking fantasy world viewed from an isometric perspective. It’s apparently pretty good, but also it’s also entirely in Chinese, so just know that if you decide to set out looking to play it.

But that’s not the point. The point is that the art is pretty effing rad. All I know is that this guy is named Yang Qi and lives in Shenzhen. He’s also fairly active on Weibo, a Chinese chimera beast of Twitter and Facebook and all the rage over there. Based on Chrome’s built-in translation feature, he seems to love sharing art (natch). But check out this art!

Next up is Geoffroy Thoorens. He currently works at Applibot, creators of Legend of the Cryptids and employer of an odd number of concept artists I’ve come across today, but he has also worked on Sonic Unleashed, R.U.S.E., and, most notably, Beyond: Two Souls, the upcoming Quantic Dream game/experiment/Twitter discussion fodder generator starring Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe. Really, there are just two pieces of the game that I could find, but they are pretty great. The other two are from Galaxy Saga, the newest battle card game from the aforementioned Applibot.

Huddled up all the way over at Ubisoft Singapore is Jan Urschel, a concept designer and jazz lover (or so he says). Despite that, he’s got two pieces of EA’s Command & Conquer floating around out there. I guess he does contract work through West Studio who was signed on to work on the game or something. I don’t know. What I do know is that looking at this here tank makes me want to play the upcoming RTS like crazy hard. The other two pieces are just some great things he drew that I kind of love.

Lastly, we have Xavier Thomas, better known as Seed Seven and one dot of Two Dots. With Two Dots, he’s worked on with Riot Games, Ubisoft, Square Enix, and many other studios. As Seed Seven, he’s worked on Assassin’s Creed III (he did the Game Informer cover and a lot of the iconic marketing imagery), the insanely stylistic Prince of Persia reboot, and now two upcoming Tom Clancy Ubisoft games: Splinter Cell: Blacklist and Rainbow 6: Patriots. Blacklist at least so far looks like a decent game and Patriots has gone radio silent since its first announcement (though it might now be a next-gen game), but with Thomas working on the art, we know they’ll both at least look good.

He’s also got some stuff up for an unannounced sci fi thing called T.Project that looks interesting, one of which looks especially like it’s straight out of Prometheus.

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