An Afternoon with Ouya Eight Months Later

An Afternoon with Ouya Eight Months Later

We’re four days away from the North American release of Sony’s PlayStation 4, so what better than to check in with the instigator of the next generation: the Ouya! Just kidding; it didn’t do that. It didn’t really do much of anything back then, to be honest.

The device itself is as it was eight months ago: bland. But Britton and I were curious as to what had changed on the digital shelves of the Ouya marketplace. The answer, it appears, is not much, the process of digging the console out of his closet more exciting than unearthing the tepid software treasures.

There are a few new titles, a bevy of system updates, and some unresolved issues involving full OS freezes, buggy controllers, and invincible anthropomorphic frogs. Join us!

It’s a super long video, so if you pop it open on YouTube, you’ll see a bunch of time-coded links in the description so you can jump between all the inanity at your leisure. Or just sit through nearly an hour of two dudes testing the bounds of friendly sadism. (Watch the last episode, too!)

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One thought on “An Afternoon with Ouya Eight Months Later

  1. […] But I mean, jeez, it’s not like they’re Ouya. […]

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