Trailer Roundup: Child of Light, Severed, Hitman Go, and More

Trailer Roundup: Hitman Go, Beyond Earth, Child of Light, and More

You know what? A lot of trailers come out each week. And you know what? You probably miss a lot of the good ones because there are just too many to sift through. So now I’m just going to watch all of them for you and tell you which ones are worthwhile. Because I’m a nice guy like that. Also because I have a lot of free time. So let’s get to it.

(Side note: I really don’t like this trend of using “announce” and “reveal” as nouns in press releases and video titles. There’s a totally appropriate word you’re looking for. So use it. Please.)

Sid Meier’s Civilization: Beyond Earth

Yeah, okay, so Sid Meier basically just does his thing now, but he’s gotten super good at it. Civilization V was incredibly fun and Civilization Revolution before that was a Civilization game that actually worked on consoles. But this trailer is also prettyyyyy slick. It features Christ the Redeemer a bit too much, but that slow reveal to the disgusting overpopulation of Earth and then the hopeful expanse upwards is done so well. Currently slated for third quarter of this year.


If this trailer looks like nonsense, that’s because it basically is. Or at least it is if you don’t understand how higher dimensionality works, or if you have never laid a finger on Miegakure, an indie puzzle game all about a science made to hurt your brain. If you read the description, it lays out in surprisingly tepid terms what it achieves, but fourth-dimension thinking is actually, like, really crazy.

Someone once dropped this nugget on me: we live in three dimensions. When we draw something, it ends up being in two dimensions. If we lived in four dimensions, we would draw things in three dimensions. Yeah. Chew on that today.

Child of Light

You’ve probably heard a lot of talk regarding Ubisoft’s role-playing platformer Child of Light lately and probably because of one single aspect: it’s a god damn beautiful game. Utilizing the same UbiArt Framework that powered the similarly gorgeous Rayman Origins (and, according to a French website, a new mobile-only, 2D Prince of Persia), its already gathering aesthetic fans but also gameplay fans. A young girl is lost in a waking dream with the single goal of being a woman strong enough to save her loved ones and—surprise!—it’s co-op.

Hack ‘n’ Slash

I’m just going to leave this year. You do with it what you will.


This is just a concept video, but given how much confidence I have in Drinkbox Studios after Guacamelee!, I’m already down for the set. The art style is similar (uh, fuck yeah), but the gameplay is apparently going to be very different. The combat is strictly gesture based, something akin to Red Steel, I guess, but it looks to be more particular and specifically reactive. I like where it’s headed.

Hitman Go

Perhaps the strangest departure from a given franchise since Ehrgeiz from Final Fantasy (and probably any Mario game outside of platformer Mario), Hitman Go is a turn-based puzzle game that still features Agent 47 stealthily killing dudes. Aside from the fact that it’s absolutely stunning in terms of visuals, it also looks like some pretty neat stuff. You can find out for yourself right now given that it’s out right now for iOS, so probably look for a review soon.

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