About Us

New Game Plus (formerly Experience Points, until we realized too many other people used that name) used to be official blog for Texas Tech newspaper The Daily Toreador’s video game coverage. But now we’ve graduated and are trying to make it as poor freelance dudes, as opposed to poor college dudes.

Britton Peele

Britton PeeleFormer Daily Toreador Opinions Editor and “faux Game Editor” (think “Assistant to the Regional Manager”), Britton Peele is a now a freelance writer, video game critic and aspiring fiction author. Currently, he writes for GameSpot, GamesRadar, The Dallas Morning News and elsewhere. He is also the forum administrator for the ChristianAnswers.net Guide2Games Forums. He is a firm believer in Narnia, Middle-Earth and Oceanic Flight 815.





Timothy Poon

Tim PoonAs the Daily Toreador‘s former technology critic, insomniac, and perpetual office absentee, Tim Poon has since moved on to freelance writing for Platform Nation, Kotaku, and wherever else their editorial tastes may have slipped into a category best described as “unmarketable,” though others prefer the term “genius”. There’s something to be said for a grown man who spends most of his waking hours playing, watching people play, or thinking about video games. Not a lot, but something. Actually, that something might be a bit hurtful, so just keep it to yourself.




3 thoughts on “About Us

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